The Visualization Friday Forum - Special Edition

Summer 2005 * 11am * D106 LSRC

July 15 - Real-Time, Interactive Computer Animations (RTICA)
George Francis
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne

George Francis will be speaking about his Real-Time, Interactive Computer Animations (RTICA) that have been created to help gain insight into different geometries and geometrical properties.

George is a Mathematics Professor at UIUC. He has created some amazing graphics for showing different kinds of geometries. In particular, non-Euclidean geometries. He has also created an animation, called the Optiverse, which shows a sphere inversion with no singularities. George's representations have frequently been used as art exhibits. He has collaborated with Donna Cox from UIUC for over 15 years.

His presentation tomorrow will be an overview of many years' work. One of the things I respect most about George is his ability to involve students from all levels of expertise into his work.

See for more information about George.

Click here to view his talk. (You might need QuickTime for this)

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