Collaborative Research Projects

Continuous Performance Project October 2002 - June 2003

Martin McKeown and Tara JacksonNeurology professor Martin McKeown and third year medical student Tara Jackson measured brain response during tasks that require sustained attention. The system design for this experiment uses Matlab with the psych toolbox for the visual display, a standard joystick for user control, and a Neuroscience EEG system to measure brain activity. (proposal)

The successful completion of this project required synchronization between the EEG data collection device and the visual display as controlled by Matlab. The solution is due to a design by Electrical and Computer Engineering student Craig Brown who created an electrical trigger which sent a pulse to the EEG system when signaled by Matlab.

LSRC C136The work was done in the 3D Visualization laboratory which houses a front projection, passive stereo display, a head mounted display, and theEEG/sEMG system.


T.E. Jackson1, R.B. Brady, C.A. Hanlon, M.J. McKeown "Alpha, Beta, and Theta EEG Rhythms are Differentially Modulated by Task Difficulty and Tracking Error During Continuous Performance". Poster, Society for Neuroscience. November 2003. (abstract)

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